“The Incline” Youth Ministry

The Incline Youth Group combines the intensity of a normal youth group with a uniqueness of a broadcast production. Every Incline Youth Group is in a discussion format. We as leaders facilitate the meeting with conversation, and energy, but it’s the youth that make it run well.



Nick & Erin Dial,

Our Youth Ministry Directors


To connect contact Nick & Erin Dial Call or text 719-502-5378 | email Nick.Dial11@yahoo.com



We apply the youth group to what

we use everyday…”Social Media.”

With the Incline, anyone can plug in, whether it be on a Wednesday night or anytime they plug into Facebook, YouTube,or any other medium of social media.

We meet for one hour on a Wednesday night.
-The first 10 minutes is simply put “Hang Out” time.
-The next 20 to 30 minutes we actually dive into scripture and discuss what it’s saying.
-That last 30 minutes or so, the Mic’s are “Hot” and we are recording a syndicated broadcast.

If they missed that week, but want to be included in the discussion, we invite anyone to post a comment or thread pertaining to that week’s message. We believe, that through the opportunity of broadcasting, we can reach more than just the local community teenagers, but outside of Colorado Springs, and really the nation. We pray that anyone who plugs into the Incline Youth Group, would be left challenged and encouraged to get to the next step on their way up “The Incline” of life.